6D Hair extensions machine, first generation



Machine for 6D Hair extensions. Up to 10 strands

Hair extension 6D laying machine

First generation machine, laying 10 strands of hair.

Warranty 1 year.

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  • High quality 100% human Remy hair
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first generation 6D Hair extensions machine

6d Hair extensions machine.

Apply ten strands of hair extensions in seconds

The 6D machine is a popular tool for hair extensions. It allows for a quick finish in 20 minutes and is very popular in hair salons.

Hyper fast hair extension application machine. For hair salons and professionals.

We have the latest generation of 6D laser machine, which allows you to set 5 drill bits at the same time.

6D Hair extensions machine_Sublimatehair

6D hair extensions have several advantages. You don’t need glue, or feed, this makes them easy to maintain as they save a lot of time. 5 substrates can be applied per row at the same time, reducing installation time from 2 or 3 hours to less than 20 minutes. The hair used for 6D extensions is soft, shiny and bouncy1. 6D hair extensions can last up to 6 months with the proper care. and You can wash, straighten, curl and style them with your classic hair. Once applied, the extensions fit perfectly with the rest of your hair.

6d hair extensions demo picture with hair 001

This machine comes with some installation accessories.

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The machine comes with a clamp that allows you to remove the extensions in a timely manner.

All extensions are reusable, the hairdresser can after a few months remove them using the tweezers provided with the machine and reconnect the hair with the other machine for hair reuse and put the extensions back on the client’s head.

The hair reconnection machine is to be purchased separately if you want to reuse the hair.

This mechanical hair extension system is very practical and is popular with several hair salons.

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